Thursday, February 12, 2009

mencintai"sangat mudah" (joanna wang}

I love you
Say we're together baby
You and me

I can only give my life
And show tou all i am
In the breath I breathe
I will promise you my heart
And give you all i am
If it takes some time

If you tell me you don't need me anymore

That our love won't last forever

I will ask you for a chance to try again

To make our love a little better

Say you hardly know
Exactly who i am
So hard to understand
I knew right from the start
The way I felt inside
If you read my mind

Remember when you used to hold me

Remember when you made me cry

You said you love me

Oh you did

Yes you do

I love you....I need you

Say we're together baby

You and me......


alfan kh said...

nice try sis....

putrabayu said...

'though you'r there and I'm here
We could be together
In love...
the nicest place
the most beautiful time
The most peaceful moment
in our heart